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Meat Shits - Menstrual Samples

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Menstrual Samples 18:21
A1 Butt Cheese
A2 Nuclear Bloodbath
A3 Bleeding Intestines
A4 Cremation
A5 Vengeance Is Mine
A6 Nightmare
A7 Wall Street
A8 Business Before Pleasure
A9 You Must Keep Up
A10 Weak And Worthless
A11 Semen Zits
A12 Tampon Collector
A13 Another Fine Mess
A14 Alternative To Shit
A15 Fuck This
A16 Beat The Meat
A17 Survive To Die
A18 Twelve Pack Beauty Queen
A19 Mass Murder
A20 Abe Vigoda
A21 Vapors
A22 Vaginal Lunch
A23 Lick Her Asshole
A24 Fags Suck
A25 Fuck Off
A26 Dick Deficit
A27 Ball Cheese
A28 Bong Water
A29 Resin Lips
A30 Imbalance
A31 Sex, Drugs And The Meat Shits
A32 Fuck M.S.
A33 Fuck Fantasy
A34 Think
A35 Masturbation
A36 Penis Envy
A37 Constipated
A38 Get Me A Spoon
A39 Jeanine's Purse
A40 Think Before You Speak
A41 Expert Fuck
A42 Duce Farts
A43 The TIght Stuff
A44 Feedback
A45 Legal
A46 Larry
A47 Bum Rap
A48 Vagrant Fuck
A49 Piss Flap Erosion
A50 Television
A51 Feedback Regurgitation
A52 No Name
A53 Death Shock
A54 Menstrual Samples
A55 Fuck You
A56 Nice Ass
A57 Fuck Loving
A58 Obsession
A59 Supermarket Farts
A60 Anal Sex
A61 Consumption
A62 Fetishes
A63 Peanut Butter Smears
A64 Cum Shot
A65 Zit On My Butt
A66 Jack The Zipper
A67 Vermin
A68 Cancerous
A69 Mumbo Jumbo
A70 Rip Shit
A71 Swiss Bank Account
A72 Dick Cheese
A73 Fucking You Up The Butt
A74 Anal Earthquake
A75 Suit And Tie Dick
A76 No Use
A77 Terror
A78 Carbonized
A79 Fear Of Nothing
A80 Computer Control
A81 Testicular Cancer
A82 Dry Heaves
A83 Money
A84 Septic Suicide
A85 Devil's Dandruff
A86 Corruption
A87 George Bush Is A Dick
A88 War On Assholes
A89 Fear Of Tomorrow
A90 7-11
A91 McDicks
A92 Nuclear Butcher
A93 Tracy I Really Love You
A94 Cesspool
A95 Condomized
A96 Radioactive Diarrhea
A97 Nuclear Spooge
A98 Corn Shits
A99 Ex-Lax
A100 Fucked Up
A101 Frectate
A102 Kill Spot
A103 Sloppy Seconds
A104 Pass The Disease
A105 Butt Juice
A106 Bearded Clam
A107 Seat Of Piss
A108 Miss The Can
A109 Buttgasm
A110 Tit-Fuck
A111 Pot Fuck
A112 Holocaust
A113 Cadaver
A114 Hide The Salami
A115 B.O.B.O.B.
A116 Matt Shit
A117 Meat Pole
A118 Pinch A Loaf
A119 Scratch And Sniff
A120 Virgin Slut
A121 Chase The Bag
A122 Cock Tease
A123 Brown Eye
A124 Hershey Squirts
A125 Colon Cowboy
A126 Butt Pimple
A127 The Right Hand Man
A128 Slash Sucks
A129 Bullshit
A130 Con Man
A131 It's Okay To Drink
A132 Systematic Shitheads
A133 Worship
A134 Affair
A135 Talk Dirty To Me
A136 Fuck Her Fucking Ass
A137 Lazy Bastard
A138 Your Late
A139 Mistress
A140 Reputation Of Shit
A141 We Shit You Not
A142 Dominance
A143 Turd-Cutter
A144 Cum On The Sheets
A145 Stoplight Headjob
A146 Sweaty Betty
A147 Hair Pie
A148 Free Whore
A149 Intestinal Sacrilege
A150 Cum Gum
A151 Air Biscuit
A152 Papsmear
A153 Prune Juice And Vodka
A154 Jail Bait Orgy
A155 Butterfinger


  • Mixed By – Matt Voelker, Robert Deathrage
  • Producer – Matt Voelker, Meat Shits


Second demo cassette, 155 tracks.
Recorded on October 9, 1989 at Dead Granny Studios, Modesto.

Meat Shits - Menstrual Samples
Pornogrind, Noisecore
Musician: Meat Shits
Title: Menstrual Samples
Category: Rock
Country: US
Released: 1989
Rating: 4.1/5
Votes: 100