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Brand New - Science Fiction

Size MP3 album: 1247 mb
Size FLAC album: 1616 mb
Size WMA album: 1845 mb


A1 Lit Me Up 6:17
A2 Can't Get It Out 3:43
A3 Waste 4:36
A4 Could Never Be Heaven 3:16
B1 Same Logic/Teeth 5:34
B2 137 5:02
B3 Out Of Mana 5:15
C1 In The Water 6:52
C2 Desert 3:37
C3 No Control 3:55
D4 451 4:53
D5 Batter Up 8:28


Limited to 5000 copies (unconfirmed)

According to PMT: "Brand New’s Limited Vinyl has special packaging. Scuffs, dents and indentations are expected. Every item is unique."

- Pogolith 002 (possibly not included)
- Dried flowers (possibly not included)
- Various artwork and posters
- Turntable slip mat

All copies were hand packaged, based on this the contents of the release may fluctuate. People have reported receiving 2 slip mats but no Pogolith zine and no dried flowers, and other content fluctuation.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Matrix): PMT-009
  • Barcode: 616892525547

Other versions

Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
none Brand New Science Fiction ‎(12xFile, MP3, Album, VBR) Procrastinate! Music Traitors none USA, Canada & Europe 2017
PMT-009 Brand New Science Fiction ‎(CD, Album) Procrastinate! Music Traitors PMT-009 Japan 2018
PMT-009 Brand New Science Fiction ‎(CD, Album) Procrastinate! Music Traitors PMT-009 Europe 2017
none Brand New Science Fiction ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Num) Procrastinate! Music Traitors none US 2017
PMT-009 Brand New Science Fiction ‎(CD, Album) Procrastinate! Music Traitors PMT-009 Australia 2017

Comments: (31)
MORE IN STOCK AT THE WEBSITE http://procrastinatemusictraitors.limitedrun.com/products/598731-brand-new-science-fiction Edit: And they're out again
Limited to 5000. Information available for a little time on the weblink, and then on the instagram of the turntable slip mat manufacturer.
Do I buy the listing for $84 from an experienced seller, or the one for $300 from the brand new seller...tough call idk
well, technically they are both brand new sellers, aren't they?
I have to say, I am a bit underwhelmed by this release. There is nothing particularly "limited" about it, it seems. More were released on the PMT store recently, and there is no numbering to indicate how many were pressed. The extra items are kinda cool, and are definitely high-quality and pretty, but have nothing to do with the album itself. I looked through them a couple of times and am probably going to keep them on the shelf. The slipmat is the only thing I truly enjoyed of the bunch. I'm also not particularly pleased with the flimsy packaging. There's nothing sturdy to hold the two LPs together, and I've been storing them in their individual sleeves in the plastic that came with everything.Now as for the pressing itself...after seeing others' issues with the audio quality, I made damn sure to clean the discs with cleaning fluid and a brush, and to additionally give it a little extra time with an anti-static brush. Side A sounds great, Side B sounds great until "Out of Mana", where we get some staticky surface noise. Side C, as many others have stated, is the worst. "Into the Water" is passable, but there's a lot more pops, static, and surface noise than I'd like from something I paid this much for. The rest of Side C is okay. Side D is the same issue. I'm going to have to give it another go with the cleaning and antistatic brushes before I listen to it again.Overall, I'd say this was worth the price I paid for it, but I wouldn't go crazy searching for a copy or spend a crazy amount of money on it, unless you see the additional items and decide it's worth it for you. You'll be fine with a regular pressing.
Decent pressing with some minor issues. It's pressed from the same plates as the other US vinyl editions, but sounds significantly better than my red/blue copy, which is plagued by pops and surface noise throughout. There's still a pop or hiss here or there on this pressing, but it's not nearly as bad. Also, while it's not advertised as so, I'm pretty sure this is a 180g pressing, while the retail ones were lighter. There are also different center labels on the LPs than the standard versions and I like these much more.Everything inside the package is pretty, but probably not worth the extra $20. The album cover glued to the front of my package is completely off center. It seems like it shouldn't be that hard to paste a square in the center of another square, so not sure how it's so off. The slipmat is HORRIBLE quality and I wouldn't recommend anyone actually use it. The Pogolith book and Manual packet are gorgeous and high quality and the little "Singles" order form insert is a fun design. It also has an envelope full of dried flower petals that I didn't bother opening because they'd just make a mess.Overall, I wouldn't recommend anyone paying more than original price ($45) for this. No extra music, nothing signed, and nothing that feels like it wasn't just produced or printed easily, except the flowers. It's also dubious how actually "limited" this thing is since they've sold a ton more copies of it in the PMT store this week.
Dude this record sounds like complete shit on the C side and there’s lots of cracks and pops on a/b too. But the C side is the real issue, I’ve never had a worse sounding record unless it’s a beat up 49 year old junker. But as far as the rest of the stuff, I could do without it. I want music not pointless zines and potpourri.
What makes you say its not worth the extra 20? I mean slip mat + 2 posters + art booklet + pogolith book + flowers. Seems more than enough for the extra 20 no? I mean a slipmat like that is at least 15 dollars nowadays. Posters run for about 10 to 15 dollars as well. Even if you value the art book, pogolith book and flowers for 5 dollars each it still adds up to way more than the 20 dollars.
This release is so much bullshit. Dried flowers and shit artwork on newspaper. Really?! You get a slipmat out of it tho...
I’m not sure what artwork you received on newspaper, are you talking about the “jacket” that was made to mimic the viewfinder slides toy from the 80’s? Nothing I have or heard from anyone else contains newspaper.
Does anyone know the original retail price on this one? Trying to figure out how inflated flipper prices are..
People aren't flipping maliciously, they're flipping because of the sexual misconduct allegations against Jesse Lacey.
It was originally released for $45 before shipping. Flippers suck.
45$ + 25$ shipping for mine, quite a bit imo
$60, but once the original sales go through the price is going to be more inflated
I paid $45 including tax for mine. $51.50 after shipping.
How did you get this record already? I just got a shopping notification for mine. It's supposed to arrive on 12/14.
They also shipped them out in batches. Mine shipped on Friday and I just got it today.
Some people paid for Priority shipping, that's how some have it already.
Amazing quality and great pressing. Very happy with all the goodies and extras. Feels good for once for a band to put real effort into a limited vinyl instead of just some wacky color vinyl. Everything feels hand packaged with care and a lot of detail in packaging. Really think there might be some secrets hidden on the vinyl or package based off reading it. Anyway, not many complaints(kinda wanted a gatefold is all), glad they didn't rip me off with just some color vinyl I paid 45 bucks for.
johnfuchs You obviously haven’t listened to the record as it’s the worst sounding record I own. Especially C side What TT you playing it on and did you use a spin clean first? It's not great but none of their albums sound too great on vinyl. Sounds just like every other brand new album I own. C side sounds fine to me with a few crackles and pops on the silent parts which aren't that uncommon in pressings these days. Sounds way better than the indie variant I heard at my record store. Does had pops all over every side.
You obviously haven’t listened to the record as it’s the worst sounding record I own. Especially C side
Still In Mind
What a let down after the long wait. I cant wait for these flipping prices to fall. So much for a cool colored variant. All the extra stuff is garbage and a gimmick. Just press the coolest colored record as the super limited 1st press. Thats all the fans wanted
Thanks for speaking for ALL of the fans. Color may have been what YOU wanted, but some people value extras instead of just extra color. If they had just put out a cool color variant, people would've said "$20 extra for a different color?! What a letdown." It's a lose-lose situation for those putting out records these days, cause some fans can never be pleased. A word of advice: Don't blindly give $50 to a preorder if you don't know the details, and then complain that it's not what you expected. Seriously ignorant.
Completely agree. I could care less about knick knacks. I mean, at the very least hand number it or something.
Can someone post a matrix. Is it the same or different from other black disc versions?
It's pressed from the same plates as the US retail versions, but it's thicker (I think 180g) and has different, much cooler, labels. It has the same sound issues as the other pressings. Lots of scratchy hiss over everything, especially the quiet parts. Not as bad as the Deja repress, but still could sound way better.
There’s no way to confuse the two. The limited has different labels and also doesn’t even have a gatefold cover. It comes in a piece of paper made into something that mimicks the old view finder slide toys.
Best West
There isn’t a barcode on the limited version and the packing is totally different.
I’m seeing the same as listed for Clear version. PMT.009.1.A S-100948 SAFFPMT.009.1.B S-100949 SAFFPMT.009.1.C S-100950 SAFFPMT.009.1.D S-100951 SAFF
Also where is this barcode located? I do not see it in the photos.
Brand New - Science Fiction
Alternative Rock
Musician: Brand New
Title: Science Fiction
Category: Rock
Country: US
Released: 2017
Rating: 4.8/5
Votes: 623